Gale Palmer as an infant


The description of the photograph on this page is compliments of Uncle Carl.

This is a photograph of my GreatGrandparents, Joseph and Eliza Florilla Palmer, and family in the Spring of 1886.. 

From left to right:

1) Gale Watson, born 2/26/86 ( my Grandfather).

2) Eliza Florilla (Blackman) who died of Typhoid Fever on 10/4/95.

3) Mary Clarinda ("Mayme"), born 10/21/79

4) Myrtle, born 7/10/83.

5) J. Berton, born 7/10/83 and died of Typhoid Fever on 10/15/95

6) Joseph Wilford Palmer, born 3/19/56

Note the way that Myrtle and J.Burton are
posed. This was commonly done with twins at the time
of this photograph. Also, note that J. Burton and his
mother Eliza died within 2 weeks of each other.


Joseph and Eliza Palmer and Family 1886